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cell phones, bees and brains
August 28, 2007, 1:09 pm
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check out this powerful article by Bill Maher, called The Birds, the Bees and Earth Day:   there is strong evidence that cell phone waves are causing the bizarre dissapearance/death of bees.  bees are important!  Maher cites Albert Einstein’s prediction that if bees dissapeared, humans would have 4 years to live.     

i’ve long harboured suspicions of cell phone waves.  when i talk on a cell phone (especially long distance) my ear and head seem to ‘heat up’ and  i get very tired and irritable.  i generally end up ending the conversation so i can lie down.  i’ve heard similar stories from a few people, but for the most part the general population doesn’t seem to be bothered.  

my sensitivity may be explained by my rocky affair with a brain tumor.  my guess is that i may have been made more sensitive by the scars and weaknesses in my skull and neck left by surgery to remove the tumor.  though most people don’t get the same feelings i do when talking on a cell, i’ve often wondered if we are all being affected. 

the case against cell phones (and for that matter, all wireless devices) is mounting…


Good life living: Pick wildflowers
August 24, 2007, 5:02 pm
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Who needs to spend money at the grocery store on factory flowers?  At this time of year, there are beautiful flowers growing all around us!  The flowers sold in stores lack charm – their beauty is as staged as the cover spreads on magazines.

I now make a habit of stopping whenever I happen upon pretty wildflowers that catch my eye.  I indulge myself by taking in the beauty and wonder around me.  This reminds me that whatever I was hurrying to really isn’t all that important.  What is important is, as they say, stopping and smelling the flowers.  Its an old adage and a good one.  Health, peace and vitality can all be increased by revelling in the gifts Mother Nature has given.       

I feel a sense of satisfaction when I bring the flowers home and arrange them myself.  The flowers remind me of pleasant, quiet times spent outdoors.  And they literally add a breath of fresh air, as they inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.   

And if all that hasn’t sold you on wildlfowers, I add this: the flower industry is not a rosy one.  Flowers that come from other countries (as I believe most of them do) are farmed by workers who work long, hard hours for very little.  Many of these workers are women, and the work they do takes a hard toll on them.  The crouching positions workers have to stay in while tending the flowers leads to resproductive problems — the abdomen area is warped over time.  Worse yet, pregnant women must keep their condition hidden to avoid being fired and continue working, which means the fetus is developing in very cramped quarters.  Of course, then the women are indeed fired once they are found out.     

Clean Power — really, really clean power
July 19, 2007, 9:27 pm
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Soloar power station in Seville, Spain

This solar power station took my breath away.  And yet I have only heard mention of it once on the news.  Once.  Why only once when ‘the environment’ is reported to be one of Canadians’ top priorities?  The solar power station is beautiful in both aesthetics and philosophy.  Check it out at:

This power station produces massive amounts of energy with no greenhouse emmissions.  We can have our cake and bake it too!!  (Of course, increasing energy efficiency is still a very important goal.  But in the meantime our ecological footprint will be greatly reduced.)

Eureka!  I think we’ve done it!  This to me is progress.  Real human progress.  This solar power station is the kind of technology humans can feel good about developing.  No longer do we need to debate between hydropower, coal power, gas power and nuclear power.  None of which are attractive options. 

Note:  I have never believed nuclear power is a viable option.  1) Look at Japan this week — we can’t even build plants that are ‘safe’ or ‘stable’.   2)  How can we really talk of ‘storing’ radioactive material that will last long past our own lifetimes – even the liftetimes of our decendants for generations to come!  The risks and costs to humans, and more importantly, to the world are simply unnacceptable.  


Good life living: Buy organic, fairly-traded coffee
July 15, 2007, 2:24 am
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Advantages to you:  It tastes great!  Seriously, the best coffee I’ve ever had.  The brand I buy is called “Just Us”.  It’s based in Nova Scotia and is sold in grocery stores.  (You can learn about Just Us and order products at:

Advantages to others: ‘Fair-trade’ means the farmers who grow and harvest the coffee beans receive a fair market price when they sell the beans.  Non-fair-trade coffee companies are driven to maximize their own profit, so will pay the farmers as little as they can.  Since coffee beans are often grown in poorer areas, the farmers have often been forced to sell low. 

Advantages to Earth: The coffee is organic, so no pesticides or other Earth-hating toxins are involved in production. 

People frequently complain about the higher price of organic, fairly-traded coffee.  To those people, I say that the price of other coffees are fake prices.  They are prices achieved on the backs of farmers and at the expense of the Earth.  Personally, I do not believe our morning jonesing for a hit of caffeine warrants these human and environmental costs.  If we want our java, we should be prepared to pay the real price.    

Brew on, coffee lovers.  Brew on.   

Earth is where it’s at.
June 16, 2007, 8:03 pm
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I find it silly that looking into colonizing other planets is being pursued as a viable response to the consequences of the devastation we are bringing on the Earth.

Why don’t we invest all that time, energy, money and other resources into ending our selfish, polluting ways and assisting the Earth in rejuvenation?

Clean Cleaning
May 30, 2007, 6:20 pm
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The usual suspects…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the things that go down our drains and into water. I realized that I was a horrible offender in many ways, especially with respect to cleaning products. Comet, Windex, Toilet Duck, Comet, Mr. Clean, Lysol and Comet. I was really big on the Comet.

While these products make our living spaces sparkle, we can’t call them ‘clean’. When we wash away dirt, the dirt and the products don’t dissapear… they just wash ‘away’. Once down the drain they travel into the general water supply, poisoning animals, soil and ourselves. “Out of sight, out of mind” cannot continue to be our collective mantra.

To remedy my wrongdoings, I set out to find a cleaner cleaning regime. These products work JUST AS WELL as their toxic counterparts, so I highly reccommend giving them a try.

Baking Soda — Use in place of my old-time fav, Comet. Sinks, toilets, tubs, cupboards… you name it, baking soda will clean it. It is even a great addition to laundry washes, as it is a mild abrasive good for getting dirt out of clothes. I sometimes add it to my toothpaste to get a gleaming smile, but use it sparingly and gently here, as it is not such a gentle abrasive on tooth enamel. President’s Choice ‘Green’ brand has an ‘environmentally-friendly’ baking soda… I’m not exaactly sure what is un-friendly about other baking sodas, but I like to buy the ‘Green’ brand to err on the side of caution.

Vinegar — Use in place of all spray / liquid cleaners. It is especially a great replacement for Windex. You get the same streak-free shine with approximately the same amount of work (it might take a little extra elbow grease to get the streaks gone, but isn’t Mother Nature worth it?). I use vinegar on EVERYTHING, including laundry. In the wash, it helps get clothes so fresh and so clean.

Active Oxygen Bleach — Use in place of ordinary bleach, which is full of harmful chemicals. President’s Choice ‘Green’ has an active oxygen bleach, which is what I usually buy. Active oxygen bleach releases oxygen to loosen stains. Again, good in laundry.

By trying out these products, not only you be reducing harm to the Earth, you will be helping yourself and your family. Cleaning with toxic products puts everyone in your household in contact with the chemicals in the products. Also, disinfecting products that kill “99.9% of germs” or some ridiculous amount like that are harmful to immune systems. Disinfectants don’t discriminate between good and bad germs, and we need to have some germs so that when harmful germs come along our immune systems are well practiced! Combatting germs on a regular basis is training for the body, so Moms: you are not doing your kids ANY favours by spraying that Lysol all over your kids’ bicycle handlebars.

With respect to the old products, I have thus far simply left them in my cupboard. I suspect that throwing them in the garbage (so they go to a landfill rather than into the water) is the best we will be able to do with the products we’ve already purchased and opened. If anyone has any better ideas for disposal to offer, I am very interested in hearing about them.

— Katie