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“i’m starting with the girl in the mirror
August 29, 2012, 5:20 pm
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… and i’m asking her to change her ways” (yes, that’s right, bringing the MJ today — repetitive electronic drum beats, over the top, girly back-up chorals and all)

the machine that destroys requires many well oiled cogs. greed is the oil and we can each have a look in the mirror to see a real-life cog. depressing but true.

i’ve been looking in the mirror a lot, and not liking the cog that i see looking back.  i can make excuses — so many excuses — and to a certain extent they would be valid.  working full-time and parenting the rest of the time, i can say that ‘convenience’ products and services become key to sanity.  or at least it sure feels that way.

but excuses are lame, hey?  they do not make the consequences of actions any less real.  they do not disappear landfills, un-acidify oceans, bring back mountain tops or stop suffering.  nope, i wish excuses did all those things, because then i could feel fine about carrying on with disposable diapers, driving, canned beans, driving, mall shopping and driving, driving, driving.  but with every pop of the garbage can lid, slam of the car door and trip to the grocery store, i know i am part of the problem.  yup, excuses are lame.

so, with each glance in the mirror, i want to curtail the vanity that brought me there and instead take a close look at who is looking back.  there is so much to be done to quash the destroying beast that is our rampant consumerism and i want to ask how else i can stop being part of the problem and start being part of solutions.  and eventually, instead of seeing a cog, i hope to see a person there who is fully living, fully alive and fully aware.










ready or not, here i am
August 22, 2012, 6:23 pm
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it’s been a long time since i posted here.  but yesterday i looked around myself, on a family road trip with my amazing husband(!!) and our gorgeous, sweet sleeping baby in the backseat. and i marvelled at how my visions can become reality.  only a few years ago, i envisioned this exactly this scene, and here it was all around me.  this road trip follows on the heels of our wedding (11 days ago), where we were married in our dream ceremony, that we carefully built over the past 8 months:

  • the weather cooperated for our backyard nuptials (which is amazing enough in itself for Newfoundland)
  • we walked down the aisle to a rendition of Attaboy by Yo Yo Ma and co., played by our musician friends
  • our brilliant and charismatic friend married us in a touching and personalized ceremony
  • stunning pictures taken by our very talented photographer friends captured the moments
  • and we enjoyed delicious cupcakes afterward that were made by our friends and family who went out on a limb to try their hands at vegan baking.  Wow, we are still reeling from the whole day.  

today i am trying to hold onto this feeling and concentrate on the power of vision — making dreams into plans and then building from those plans.  and I decided that doing some writing around visions, plans and progress might be helpful in getting/keeping me on track.  so here i am, ready or not.