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Where are the women?
July 20, 2007, 3:27 am
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Woman in hiding

Scenes of Iraq are full of men patrolling the streets with the scariest guns I’ve ever seen.  These images leave me asking “where are the women”??  One would almost think women have nothing to do with life in Iraq right now.  And I’m afraid that is too close to the truth.  Women in Iraq are hiding in their houses.  Women in Iraq are not permitted to leave their houses because the streets have been commandeered by men with bazookas and AK47s.  

In Afghanistan, women are more at risk of physical harm than ever (even under the official reign of the Taliban).  Women are being beaten, raped and murdered by strangers and family alike.  Women in Afghanistan are not permitted to leave their houses because they will shame their family or will be at incredible risk of harm. 

Here at home, religious zealots use shame and control to maintain sexual control over women while popular culture openly commodifies women’s sexuality.  I’m thinking of all those ‘bachelor’ shows where women compete to be the ‘lucky’ girl selected to marry some lame-o.*  Looking at you Bang Bus.  Pretty much every commercial in circulation.  Bill O’Reiley’s perversely self-righteous judgement.

Though these phenomenons do not show patriarchy and sexism in as obvious or institutionalized ways as in Iraq or Afghanistan, but in all there is a global common theme.  Women are pushed out of the mainstream; treated as side-notes to the sagas of men.  The reproductive capacities of women are treated as commodities of men through which they secure their status and property.  If only women would reclaim their bodies, their reproductive capacities and their families. 

If only women would stand up and tell the men in their communities to hush up and put down those guns and Bibles.  Then I think the world might finally start to make some sense again.  Because with women fading further out of the picture, things sure are getting sketchy.

*  While the audience laughs because they know the joke is one her — the adequate looking guy she pretends to fall head-over-heels for isn’t actually a millionaire, he is actually quite poor — and then scorn her for being superficial when the ‘relationship’ falls apart a month later. 


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July 20
Yes, sexyhippy — all that you say is true.
But you don’t mention the situation right here at home in Canada. I fear for women under the policies and outlooks of men like Stephen Harper.
Look at the closing of offices of the Status of Women.
I have recently had a chance to view the episodes of “Canada — A People’s History” which cover the recent past (1960’s – 1990’s). I was ASTOUNDED to see how very recent the “women’s revolution” in our country was — it was not until the 1970’s and the 1980’s that brave women spoke out on such things as abortion, violence against women, women’s RIGHT to be heard in the shaping of political policy ,etc..

At that time, many organizations — such as “The Voice of Women” were formed for just the reasons you mention in your article. Where is that voice now?????

Perhaps the women of the “sexyhippy” generation HAVE to take up the fight?

Comment by Penny

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