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Clean Power — really, really clean power
July 19, 2007, 9:27 pm
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Soloar power station in Seville, Spain

This solar power station took my breath away.  And yet I have only heard mention of it once on the news.  Once.  Why only once when ‘the environment’ is reported to be one of Canadians’ top priorities?  The solar power station is beautiful in both aesthetics and philosophy.  Check it out at:

This power station produces massive amounts of energy with no greenhouse emmissions.  We can have our cake and bake it too!!  (Of course, increasing energy efficiency is still a very important goal.  But in the meantime our ecological footprint will be greatly reduced.)

Eureka!  I think we’ve done it!  This to me is progress.  Real human progress.  This solar power station is the kind of technology humans can feel good about developing.  No longer do we need to debate between hydropower, coal power, gas power and nuclear power.  None of which are attractive options. 

Note:  I have never believed nuclear power is a viable option.  1) Look at Japan this week — we can’t even build plants that are ‘safe’ or ‘stable’.   2)  How can we really talk of ‘storing’ radioactive material that will last long past our own lifetimes – even the liftetimes of our decendants for generations to come!  The risks and costs to humans, and more importantly, to the world are simply unnacceptable.  



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wow, this is one of the coolest things i’ve seen in a long time. solar power! duh, it’s so obvious!

hi katie! amber from vancouver here! great site! i’m so sorry i didn’t write earlier! i’ve linked you from Painfully Hip! it’s really taken off and it’s been keeping me very busy…

congrats on finishing law school!

-Amber at

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