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Good life living: Buy organic, fairly-traded coffee
July 15, 2007, 2:24 am
Filed under: Environment, People, Tip of the Day

Advantages to you:  It tastes great!  Seriously, the best coffee I’ve ever had.  The brand I buy is called “Just Us”.  It’s based in Nova Scotia and is sold in grocery stores.  (You can learn about Just Us and order products at:

Advantages to others: ‘Fair-trade’ means the farmers who grow and harvest the coffee beans receive a fair market price when they sell the beans.  Non-fair-trade coffee companies are driven to maximize their own profit, so will pay the farmers as little as they can.  Since coffee beans are often grown in poorer areas, the farmers have often been forced to sell low. 

Advantages to Earth: The coffee is organic, so no pesticides or other Earth-hating toxins are involved in production. 

People frequently complain about the higher price of organic, fairly-traded coffee.  To those people, I say that the price of other coffees are fake prices.  They are prices achieved on the backs of farmers and at the expense of the Earth.  Personally, I do not believe our morning jonesing for a hit of caffeine warrants these human and environmental costs.  If we want our java, we should be prepared to pay the real price.    

Brew on, coffee lovers.  Brew on.   


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