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Kate and Amy’s “We’re trying to listen to Steve Colbert, but we’re too busy figuring out what spices to add to these fantastic” Homefries
June 19, 2007, 8:25 am
Filed under: Yummy Yummy Vegan Recipes

wow. they were really awesome. and ‘the report’ is on 4 times tomorrow, so i can catch it then (cuz its not like i have an exam to be studying for or anything).

until tonight, aaron has been our Master Homefrier, but i’m afraid times have changed. i now reign victorious in the realm of potato breakfasting.
the basics:

– clean and cut the potatoes (we used small red ones)

– boil the potatoes until soft (a soft roiling boil works best)

– heat olive oil in a separate pan on med heat

– drain the potatoes, cut into wedges or slices, and add to the pan

– as you mix the potatoes around in the oil, check out your spice rack and figure out what you will add to the homefries (potatoes don’t need much help, so be sure not to add too much of any one spice); add more oil as needed

– turn the heat to med-high, cover the pan and let the potatoes cook for 10 minutes

– stir the potatoes up for several minutes, making sure each side gets cooked to a crispy outside.

– serve with your fave sides– my obsesssions are ketchup, mustard and salsa;

– ride, sally, ride


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