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What would Jesus really do???
June 12, 2007, 7:51 pm
Filed under: Animals

CNN recently asked viewers what issues they believe Jesus would be most concerned with if he were walking the Earth today.  My answer didn’t get posted (I think they were looking more for the standard answers concerning poverty, war, gay marriage, etc.) but I stand by it.  Bahahah, if CNN won’t post my answer on their site, I’ll post it on mine!!!  *rubs hands in victorious glee*

If Jesus were walking the Earth today, I believe he would be ministering comfort and love to many who are burdened and hurting, but I believe one of his biggest struggles would be against industrial farming. 

Industrially farmed animals live tortured lives with no love, family, community, play, exercise, or even baths.  They are ill and maimed – many are deformed by their owners for the sake of economic efficiency, others are made lame over time from the overcrowded metal cages and slatted flooring that make their homes, while others still are injured by the angry and insane animals around them.  Dairy cows, female pigs and hens are exploited through their entire adult lives for their reproductive capacities, raped over and over and forced to birth babies they are not allowed to nurture.I believe Jesus would be heartbroken by the pain and suffering industrially farmed animals endure minute-by-gruelling-minute, simply because they can be easily exploited (because they lack our opposable thmubs and ‘rationality’) and we have made them our ‘property’.  I do not believe Jesus would think that our desire to do drive-thru justifies the imposition on animals of concentration camp misery.”


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