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Sexy Hippy: a mission statement, of sorts
June 5, 2007, 7:15 pm
Filed under: About Sexy Hippy

revelling in the good life. that’s what being a sexy hippy is all about. for a year and a half i have been working on going vegan, and it has changed my world perspective.

why did i want to go vegan??? in a word: “industrial farming”. i wanted to stop closing my mind to the suffering of the animals i was feasting on and i wanted to start using my money to build a better world. money talks. loudly.

since starting my adventures in veganism, i’ve grown to appreciate nature and energy in a deeper way. i’m on a mission to live ‘the good life’, and i want to share my experiences and lessons learned with you. i hope that the posts i put on this site will inspire and encourage you to take little (or big) steps in reducing your ecological footprints on the earth and in living a healthier and happier life.

to me, these steps are a journey in decreasing the negative energy we create and increasing positive energy. taking a bit from Buddhism and various spiritual sources, i feel that the energy we produce and manifest is really all that’s important in the big scheme of things. when we have thoughts, we create energy in our minds, which we then manifest through action. the energy of our thoughts have a ripple effect as they are put in motion through our actions.

perhaps the simplest example: we feel angry or frustrated with someone, so we frown at them. in doing this, we have taken abstract thoughts and manifested them in a manner that reflects negative feelings. if we speak harshly to that person in addition to frowning, our negative feelings are transmitted even more strongly. our reaction may cause the person we frown at to feel negative feelings within themselves. they very well may respond in kind, escalating the bad feelings between us, or may manifest their negative feelings at someone or something else. and so the cycle continues…

as i work to reduce the negative energy i receive, generate and manifest, and at the same time increase the positive, i find myself feeling more in tune with the earth, other people and animals, and myself. this to me is truly the good life, and i look forward to continuing my journey and sharing what i learn.

i hope you enjoy reading Sexy Hippy as i build it. i would love to receive comments, ideas and requests for articles.


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